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With so much uncertainty right now, we are planning to be as flexible as possible regarding what we offer in the coming months.  We believe there will be a greater need for therapists in the aftermath of this pandemic and our aim is do everything we can to support our students to complete their qualifications and to offer excellent training, whether it is in person or online.

What will you be offering from January 2021 onwards?

Updated 4 Jan 2021:

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we are now planning to offer online teaching only, at least for the first half of the term (Jan to mid-Feb). We will keep the situation under review for the second half of term and hope that we will be able to offer you the opportunity to come into the Minster Centre for some in-person teaching then, but we may have to remain online. We hope that the proportion of the course which is face to face can increase as the year goes on. If this is possible, we will be prioritising those parts of the courses and those stages of training that would most benefit from in-person contact.

We will keep arrangements under review so that we can adjust them as things develop.

How did online teaching work last year?

We went online just before Easter 2020. We built Zoom into our virtual learning package so we could provide a secure platform for live discussions and teaching sessions and personal development groups, supported by access to online learning resources. We have been able to offer virtually all the teaching contact we would have offered normally. We believe we have managed to transfer much of the ethos of the Minster and the experiential learning we offer.

A student commented:“In many ways it was 'as if' we were at the Minster.  The break out sessions were great.”

Some students and staff have found working online more tiring than face to face; we have adjusted the learning sessions to include more breaks and smaller group discussions to try to counteract this. We have also learnt from experience and can now plan the coming year with that learning in mind so the training we offer online is even better.

Will it be possible to work with clients?

During 2020, we supported students to continue working with their clients online by providing additional training and guidance. We have been offering online therapy through the Minster Centre therapy service (MCPCS). Some placements have also offered online sessions and others are beginning to do this. Depending on social distancing requirements we anticipate that our own service and placements will begin to offer face to face sessions from Spring 2021. We will also maintain online working, at least into the autumn. We plan to offer more training in working online in future.

How will you reduce risk when face to face teaching resumes?

We will be following the guidelines on social distancing and hygiene that apply at the time. Last term, when students came into the building they remained in their teaching groups in a designated set of rooms with access to designated communal facilities; there were only a limited number of students in at any one time. Facilities were set up for 2m social distancing and there were additional cleaning and hand sanitising arrangements in place.

Once face to face teaching resumes, will I be able to park my car or bike at the Minster Centre?

Unfortunately we have very limited car parking at the Centre so we cannot offer parking to students unless you are blue badge holder.  It is possible to leave bicycles outside the building and there are places to secure bikes to railings on Lonsdale Road.  We cannot store bikes inside the building.

When do I have to decide if I want to take up a place?

After your interview you will receive an offer with an acceptance date on the contract.  Please respond by that date to secure your place.

Can I defer my place?

You may defer your place for one year, however, once you have paid your deposit it is non-refundable and will not normally be transferred to the following year, unless we are able to recruit another student to fill your space.

Can I still attend an open event?

We are offering online open events. Please see our EVENTS page.

If you have further queries please contact our admissions team at [email protected].

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