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Benefits of being a Minster Centre Member

Membership of the Minster Centre brings with it many benefits and is open to anyone who has qualified or been accredited as a UKCP psychotherapist through The Minster Centre. We are currently exploring other classes of membership for Minster Centre qualified Counsellors.

Support with the UKCP accreditation process

Becoming accredited by UKCP

The Minster Centre is an Organisational Member of UKCP and of the Humanistic and Integrative College (HIPC) within UKCP. Individuals who have successfully completed an Advanced Diploma/MA in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling with the Minster Centre and meet UKCP practice criteria such as having sufficient supervision and seeing a minimum of 4 clients per week can apply for UKCP registration through the Minster Centre. Psychotherapists who have not trained at The Minster Centre, but can demonstrate that they can meet UKCP Humanistic and Integrative standards, can also seek accreditation through The Minster Centre.

Successful applicants will become accountable to the Minster Centre, UKCP and HIPC standards and regulations of practice. After the first year of membership through the Minster Centre members will be able to choose whether to annually renew their membership through the Minster Centre or to become Direct Members of UKCP.

UKCP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements

We process our members' CPD returns for the previous year at the beginning of every calendar year and make sure that UKCP CPD requirements are met by our members. In case the criteria are not met, we provide feedback to members on how to organise their CPD activities so that UKCP criteria will be met ahead of their five years re-accreditation process.

UKCP requirements for re-accreditation and Five Years Peer Review

We provide guidelines on how to conduct five-year peer reviews and we process them at no extra cost for our members.


Discount on all Minster Centre CPD events, short courses, weekend workshops and training courses, including substantial savings on The Minster Centre Supervision Diploma and the MA/PGDip Professional Practice in Advanced Clinical Practice or Supervision.

Discount on private room hire at the Minster Centre.

Support with complaints

We offer support and advice to our members in the unlikely event of a complaint being made against them under the UKCP Complaints and Conduct Process.

Cost of membership

There is a Minster Centre membership fee of £65 per calendar year (payable by February 28th of every year). There is a discount of £10 for those who pay before the due date.

There is a £110 fee for the initial UKCP registration for students who qualified with a Minster Centre Advanced Diploma/MA in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling. This includes the Minster Membership for the calendar year during which the application has been made. The fee for those do did not qualify with the Minster Centre is £190.

Please note: the UKCP annual registration fees are managed by UKCP and not by the Minster Centre and are a separate process, over which the Minster Centre has no control. It is every individual member’s responsibility to make sure their UKCP annual fees are paid to UKCP promptly and regularly. It is also individual member’s responsibility to inform UKCP of any extensive time taken off practice/sabbaticals.

How to apply

To find out more, please read through our Membership Pack, downloadable below.

Minster Centre Membership Pack 2021

For more details and to apply to become a member, please contact Leon John at [email protected]

Annual membership renewal

All members are required to fill in an Annual CPD Return by the 28th February of every year unless otherwise directed (invitations and relevant forms are sent out in mid-December every year). This entails providing up to date information about current client workload, supervision arrangements, CPD activities which were undertaken during the previous calendar year and other relevant information such as details of professional insurance. Completing an annual CPD return helps members keep regular and accurate records of their CPD activities and other professional requirements, making the five-yearly peer review easier to complete.

Five Year Peer Review

Members who have been registered with UKCP for over five years will need to complete a Five Year Peer Review on or shortly after their sixth year of registration with UKCP.

The Five Year Peer Review is a UKCP requirement that is implemented by the Minster Centre for its members following the UKCP-HIPC re-accreditation policy. Direct members of UKCP will be required to complete an equivalent process through HIPC. Invitations and all the relevant forms are sent out by the end of December of the previous year to those Minster Centre members who have been selected for peer review on a specific year.

Members who do not get selected for review on their sixth year post-registration will be called to do so in following years. The deadline for returning the Peer Review paperwork is March 31st (please note: during your Five Year Peer Review year, your Membership Fee is still due on February 28th).

Review Process

The five year review process requires members to present a portfolio of their CPD activities to a group of colleagues for the purpose of demonstrating how they have integrated these activities into their practice or how these activities have increased their understanding of their practice. Your annual CPD re-registration paperwork will form the starting point for this portfolio.

The group can take the form of a supervision peer group or a group of professional colleagues. However, the group must include at least one person who is not familiar with the registrant (i.e. someone with whom you do not have regular professional or personal relationship). Although there is no fixed number indicated by the UKCP for the size of the group, the Minster Centre recommends that 4 (including yourself) as an acceptable and adequate number.

Minster Centre Graduates - UKCP Accreditation Application Form

If you are a Minster Centre graduate and would like to apply for UCKP Accreditation through us, please download and complete the application form below and send it to Leon John at [email protected].

Application for UKCP Accreditation

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