Welcome from the Director

Having originally trained at the Minster Centre, I feel rather honoured to now be its Director. The Minster Centre is a lively and questioning community of trainees, graduates and staff, committed to the quality of our work and to retaining and developing the Minster ethos. We have experienced an upsurge in the number of applications to train with us in the last few years. Whilst we are proud to be a well-established and well-regarded training we have taken a conscious decision to limit our growth so that we remain small enough to offer a personalised training.

The Minster Centre has a long tradition of social commitment, looking beyond mental and emotional process to also consider the importance of factors such as gender, culture, class, ethnicity, sexuality and oppression when working therapeutically. We continue to demonstrate our recognition of these issues, through our curriculum but also through the Centre's three clinical projects which provide therapeutic services to refugees, to those affected by domestic abuse and to the local community. These services are also thriving and the quality of their work is recognised in the continued support they receive from major funders.

The Minster Centre sees an integrative training as bringing together theory, practice and personal experience. Students are encouraged to explore and relate these three strands throughout their training. Our training is rigorous, meeting high academic standards, but also with a strong experiential base.

Our tutorial staff are all practicing therapists, some who trained at the Minster Centre and others who have come from other trainings. Their combined experience and understanding enriches the teaching of theory and practice, and contributes to the opportunity we offer our trainees to develop their integrative approach.

Thank you for your interest in the Minster Centre. I hope the rest of the website will answer many of the questions you have. We also have regular open evenings or days when you can come in to hear more, meet key members of staff and student, and see the building.

Lissie Wright

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