A Student's View of The Minster Centre

"As a student at the Minster Centre, I am expected to develop my own integration of a range of therapeutic models, practice and life experience. I found this very hard at first. But I found that the process of integration is an ongoing one, a way of living, learning and re-learning that I expect will continue for the rest of my life.
It is also a very personal process, sometimes quite scary, which asks that I find the courage to expand my awareness and open myself to new ways of experiencing. I have therefore found the training programme to be emotionally, intellectually, even physically demanding at times.

More than anything else, being part of a supportive community of fellow students and staff at the Minster Centre has helped me to face these challenges and all of its rewards, rather than in isolation. The close emotional relationships I have developed with other students over the course of the training have been the most important of all my learning experiences at the Minster Centre."

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