Why The Minster Centre?

1. The Minster Centre was established as a training institute in 1978 and we have been leaders in the field ever since.

Our founders were influential in the establishing of the UKCP and formed part of the working party that set up UKCP training standards for the qualification of psychotherapists. Long experience gives us an unsurpassed understanding of theory, practice and learning methods which enables us to be creative and innovative in course design, while maintaining the highest training standards.

2. We face outwards to the contemporary world.

Alongside being firmly rooted in many years of professional practice and delivery of courses, we hold a contemporary and pragmatic focus on how to best prepare students for practice in today's world. This is especially important in the light of demographic and cultural changes, and political and social debates around mental health care in the UK. Our staff members are active in the UKCP and BACP, participating in research and theoretical studies, and operating at senior level in various clinical settings. We understand the world of practice in the 21st century.

We house three clinical services - the Mapesbury Clinic, an advocacy and counselling project for people in exile; Families Without Fear, a research and counselling project for people whose lives are affected by domestic violence; and our low-cost therapy service.

3. We offer three qualifications.

The Minster Centre is recognised and validated as an accredited course provider by BACP, UKCP and Middlesex University. It is possible to be awarded:

  • the Diploma in Integrative Counselling, which can lead to accreditation as a counsellor with BACP
  • the Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling, which can lead to registration with UKCP
  • the Master's Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling, which is an academic qualification awarded in collaboration with Middlesex University
Our courses are designed to give students freedom and flexibility - it is not necessary to choose at the outset which qualification you wish to achieve, and it is possible to achieve all three qualifications. Through our tutorial and assessment procedures, we guide any choice about how to develop your professional identity and, further, in helping to establish a career as a counsellors and/or psychotherapist.

4. Our training is a complete package and financially competitive

Our training fees are inclusive of all training input - theory and skills. We also include the possibility of access to client referrals for training clients (although we do not pay for hiring the rooms for practice), in-house clinical supervision, personal development groups, academic guidance, course assessment and tutorials.

When evaluated on an hour by hour basis of delivery of services, our fees are highly competitive.

We understand that students have to juggle their finances, personal and professional lives in order to train; that training is a long commitment, and that it is important for you to make an informed choice about planning your training. Most of our students work and/or have families, and we recognise that training has to fit within busy lives.

5. We offer personalised training

Our learning groups are designed so that people do not 'get lost in the crowd'. We emphasise experiential learning and work to ensure your voice is heard. We give close personal guidance to students as individuals. Our Board of Studies is composed of student representatives and we listen to what our students tell us.

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