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Election of Trustees

Election of Trustees

The Minster Centre Board of Trustees has responsibility for making sure the Minster Centre delivers its charitable objectives and deciding overall how the charity is run. They take an overview of our strategic direction, finances and operations. The Board meets at least 4 times a year on Friday evenings. There is also at least one full day meeting usually on a Saturday. Additional work on specialist working groups or committees may also be undertaken, depending on Trustees’ personal interests, experience and availability. Trustees normally serve for a term of three years in the first instance but can stand for re-election up to a maximum of nine years. The Board can consist of a minimum of 7 trustees and a maximum of 14 made up as follows:
  • Up to 11 Trustees will be independent Trustees (not staff or students) elected by Minster Centre Alumni
  • One will a member of staff elected by the staff, and
  • One will be a student on a course at The Minster Centre extending over more than one year nominated by students attending a course at The Minster Centre extending over more than one year
  • The Director may also serve as a Trustee at the discretion of the rest of the Trustees.

    Elections are held annually in December. The Board may also co-opt Trustees.

    If you are interested in becoming a Trustee of The Minster Centre please contact Justine Walshjustine@minstercentre.ac.uk



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